Welcome to Serenity Radio!
If your idea of serenity is lots of classic rock, hard rock, and metal, then you have come to the right place. We play ad and commercial free music every hour of every day. This is all about the music and what people listen to for enjoyment.

Listener Requests
Serenity Radio does have a request system, where a listener can request to hear a song in the library. Requests play on a "first come, first play" basis and there are a few rules on the system to make it fair for everyone...
  • Each user can request up to 5 songs per hour
  • No duplicate artists within a 30 minute period
  • No duplicate songs within a 2 hour period
  • No duplicate song titles within a 1 hour period (usually applies to cover songs)
After a request, you will get a notification as to whether your request was successful. All songs which are requested to play will show on the playlist page from the main menu.

Have a rock or metal song that you would like to see in the library? Email us at the address located on the bottom of each page and let us know!

Second Life Notes
While the site will work in the Second Life viewer browser, everyone's experience may vary slightly due to which viewer is used and what version. Basic functionality was tested in all browsers successfully. Here are a few handy notes on things that may seem odd when using an SL viewer based browser. Unfortunately, we have little to no control over these if someone runs into them.
  • The viewer browser apparently does not allow tabs to be opened, so some functions will ask to open in an external browser
  • The station web player appears to be hit or miss within the internal browser, so it can best be heard using an external browser
  • On some laptops, a white bar appears across the bottom of each page. This is due to the resolution set on the laptop and within SL. While it does look a little funny, it doesn't affect the functionality of the site at all.